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Bylaws and Regulations

This page contains the Bylaws and Regulations as agreed upon by all members of the UiS Brettspillklub.

Any changes to these have to be passed by a majority of the attending members at a general assembly.


The purpose of the association is to be an overall administrative organization for students at the University of Stavanger who want to get to know fellow students through playing board games and we will be an organization for lending and making board games available.

The association must:

- Work for good management of board games

- Build up a stock of sought-after games

- Bring together students interested in making new contacts and playing board games

- Contribute to the student community with events such as board game nights

- Facilitate a common pot of letter games that can be lent out to student organizations, line associations and students for a limited period of time.


Organizational affiliation

The organization is an independent organization with a cooperation agreement with the student organization StOr.



To become a member, you must be a student in Stavanger or pay an annual membership fee.


Voting rights and eligibility

If you are a member of the organization, you have the right to vote at the organization's annual meetings.


Remuneration of shop stewards

Elected representatives shall not receive remuneration for their positions. The organization is built on volunteerism and trust.


Annual meeting

The Annual General Meeting, which is held every year during the first quarter, is the association's highest authority. The annual meeting is convened by the board with at least two weeks' notice, directly to the members and/or by announcement in the press. Proposals to be considered at the annual meeting must be submitted to the board no later than 1 week before the annual meeting. A complete agenda must be available to the members no later than 1 week before the annual meeting.

All members have access to the annual meeting. The annual meeting may invite other persons and/or the media to attend.


The annual meeting is quorate with the number of voting members present. No one has more than one vote, and voting cannot be done by proxy.


Management of the annual meeting

The annual meeting is chaired by an elected moderator/chairman. The chair/moderator does not need to be a member of the association.


Voting at the annual meeting

Unless otherwise specified, a resolution shall, in order to be valid, be adopted by a simple majority of the votes cast. Blank votes shall be considered as no fee.

Elections are conducted in writing if there is more than one proposal. Only proposed candidates may be listed on the ballot.

When an election is held individually and a candidate does not receive more than half of the votes cast, a tied re-election is held between the two candidates who have received //esf votes. If there is a tie in the re-election, the election is decided by drawing lots.

When more than one person is to be elected in a ballot, those who have received the most votes shall be elected. If there is a tie in a re-election, the election shall be decided by drawing lots.


Tasks of the Annual General Meeting

The annual meeting shall:

1. Manage the annual report

2. Process accounts in audited form

3. Consider proposals received

5. Adopt a budget

6. Elect the organization's board of directors


Extraordinary annual meetings

Extraordinary annual meetings are held when the Board of Directors so decides, or at least one third of the voting members so request.

The meeting is convened in the same way as for ordinary annual meetings.


Board of Directors

The association is led by a board of directors, which is the highest authority between

annual meetings. The following roles shall be part of the board.'

- Leader, who must also be a student

- Deputy chairman

- Finance manager

The Board of Directors shall.

1. Implement the provisions of the annual meeting.

2. Appoint committees/commissions/individuals for special tasks as required and prepare

instructions for these.

3. Administer and maintain the necessary control of the association's finances in accordance with the instructions and regulations in force at any given time.

4. Represent the association externally.

5. Invite to events

6. Purchase the necessary equipment


The board of directors shall hold a meeting when requested by the chairman or a majority of the board members.

The board of directors constitutes a quorum when a majority of the board members are present.
At least 2/3 of the board must consist of students and all board members must be or must have been students in Stavanger.


Decisions are made by a majority of the votes cast. In the event of a tie, the chairman's vote counts double.


Amendment of the Articles of Association

Amendments to these Articles of Association may be made at an ordinary or extraordinary annual meeting without having been on the agenda, and require a 2/3 majority of the votes cast.

Amendments to the Articles of Association can be made at board meetings and require a majority of the votes cast. Amendments to the Articles of Association come into force as soon as the resolution has been recorded in the minutes and the minutes have been signed.


Dissolution (Section 14 cannot be amended.)

If the organization is dissolved, any welfare funds from the Welfare Council will be repaid to The Welfare Council. Other profits from dissolution will be returned to the university and the board games purchased in the name of UiS Brettspillklubben will be donated to the University Library or the Student Organization (StOr) at UiS for free lending.

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